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I. R. Not Done Yet

Unfortunately, real life got in the way of me finishing that comic I promised yesterday.

Keep watching this space – it’ll show up eventually. Hopefully tomorrow…

I. R. Witnessing History

— on my Teevee.

As I type, they just swore in that “Joe Buddins” character, and they’ve got Yo-Yo Ma on stage.

Uh-oh! Here come th’ Judge – It’s happenin’!

It’s happened! And no one’s shot him dead yet, either! *does happy dance*

There will be a comic about this tomorrow–

Ah, Something NEW Has Been Added!

Gaze in awe at the newest innovation in sequential art: Colo(u)r.

Notice something different about my site? No, it didn’t get a haircut.. I installed that there WordPress software! Now my site is finally automated, jus’ like the big boys. (more…)