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George Washlincoln’s Birthday

Pixelated’s Hard Hitting Interview with Captain O

Today’s comic was based (vaguely) on actual events. See, the Prez came to my town Thursday for about 17 minutes, most of which was spent at a Caterpillar plant giving a speech. So here’s a comic about him at a Cat plant getting grilled by Angela Anonymous, ace reporter for the Non-Existent Times.

Hmm, looks like the Obaminator is the first U.S. President to know what a fansub is..

I’m Giving up Pecan Pie

The President is coming to town!

No, really – he is. The O-Man’s headed toward my neck of the woods tomorrow. I wonder if he’ll stop at Sterling Family Restaurant like Dubya did?

Speaking of “Baby Bush”, look what showed up the instant I uploaded today’s comic. Thanks, Google Ads!

Oh, and that ‘Bama comic I promised eons ago? It’s coming soon (really!) Of course, it’ll have to be changed slightly, seein’ as the inauguration’s over and done with…

I. R. Not Done Yet

Unfortunately, real life got in the way of me finishing that comic I promised yesterday.

Keep watching this space – it’ll show up eventually. Hopefully tomorrow…

I. R. Witnessing History

— on my Teevee.

As I type, they just swore in that “Joe Buddins” character, and they’ve got Yo-Yo Ma on stage.

Uh-oh! Here come th’ Judge – It’s happenin’!

It’s happened! And no one’s shot him dead yet, either! *does happy dance*

There will be a comic about this tomorrow–