I recieved an issue of Sonic the Hedgehog in the mail the day Michael Jackson died, so here’s a post about that one time Michael and Sonic crossed paths.

As some of you may know, Michael Jackson composed the music to Sonic 3… er, kinda-maybe. Read more about it here (it’s looooooooo-o-o-ng!)

The gist:
Sega wanted Jackson to create the music for their new Sonic game, but cut ties with him after the scandal. Sega then brought in their own musicians to finish the soundtrack. MJ’s own music was either tossed out completely or “reworked”, or something.. maybe.

Now, that wasn’t confusing at all, was it??

One thing’s for sure – MJ’s influence can clearly be heard in the finished soundtrack. Here’s a playlist of the music in Sonic 3 that has “Michael Jackson” written all over it:

And that’s not all!

Years later, after that first scandal had died down, MJ actually appeared in another Sega franchise: Space Channel 5. And yes, that’s the real Michael Jackson’s voice you hear in this ad:

I’m sure my brother got a kick out of the first few seconds of that one. HURHURHUR

Oh yeah, then there was this:

And now, we end all this with a playlist of remixes and blends incorporating the Michael Jackson music from Sonic 3:

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