Gaze in awe at the newest innovation in sequential art: Colo(u)r.

Notice something different about my site? No, it didn’t get a haircut.. I installed that there WordPress software! Now my site is finally automated, jus’ like the big boys.

Sure was a lot harder than I thought it would be, though. For instance, I had to learn  some PHP. And there was so much crap to change in the stylesheet. AND I had to rename all my comics, a task that has yet to be completed. All this took quite some time – I’ve been tweaking the code since last month year. [ dodges gatling guns ]

Anyways, all of 1998’s comics are currently in the new archives, along with some of last year’s. Until I get the rest of ’em converted and renamed, I’m leaving  up a link to the old page. Enjoy it while you can, mwahahaa…

Oh, and note the “cast” link near the top of my pages. I’m actually committing myself to slapping together a cast page this year. So keep checking that link every now and then, eh?

And, just in case you’re wondering, here’s the hoary old comic Howie and Mark are starin’ at in today’s strip.

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